Meeta Garg works in oil, mixed media and acrylic. She specialises in capturing the everyday world around her and presents it with her own viewpoint in her paintings. Her paintings are representational to a certain extent and begin with an idea based on strong observation. Once the composition has been decided upon, the reality to a point is not so necessary for her to develop the painting. She makes no conscious attempt to paint in a particular style, letting the subject dictate how she paints.

Meeta tries to play with the colours and textures of what she sees or feels, in order to keep her subjects fresh and inspiring and most importantly to the highest quality. This enables her to create light and atmosphere with tone, colour and brushwork. Her works evoke feelings of happiness, beauty, well-being and joy of life.

Having achieved masters degree in business development, Meeta originally followed in that discipline. However her love of art led her away from this path and after completing a course of mixed media painting from Central Saint Martins college of art and design, London she started following her passion. Meeta has conducted number of exhibitions in London, India and United States of America. She is mostly self-taught but what started as a hobby for her has now developed into a wonderful talent that is constantly maturing and changing into atmospheric and innovative works of art.